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My name is Reef Reid and I live in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

I have a passion for photography with a focus on concerts, musicians, bands, and gigs. I am also available for event photography, outdoor festivals, portraits, and promotional shoots.

The famous aphorism, ❝The camera does not take pictures — pictures are taken by the photographer!❞ is indisputable. I believe we can never underestimate the power of an image!

I shoot for the Hurricanes and Wellington Lions rugby.

I am currently in the process of migrating all the galleries from my old website to this upgraded site. Plus, I will also be adding galleries from recent shoots. Please be patient and check back regularly. Thanks!

Photograph: Wellington Waterfront









021 245 1830   reef@radarphotography.co.nz

Copyright Policy

All photos are copyright!

If you would like to use any of my photos (either in full or partially), could you please contact me first. If however, you are the subject in my photos, or the event organiser/promoter, you are welcome to use them and all I ask is that you support me by ensuring that my photos are credited to me as follows... ❛Photo Credit: RADAR Photography NZ❜ or ❛Image supplied courtesy of RADAR Photography NZ❜

Please be aware all gallery photos on my site are low resolution to assist with faster page loading.
Get in touch if you would like a high resolution copy.